Located in Greenville SC

Christ Recovery House is a non-profit organization that provides a

clean, safe, and sober-living environment with accountability. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

We are not a detox center, a medical or mental-health facility, nor are we a clinical counseling service. Christ Recovery House is not a prison ministry or half-way house. We are a sober-living home and a foundation for long-term recovery. Call for more information.

  • CRH of Greenville
    CRH of Greenville
  • A clean,safe,sober home environment
    A clean,safe,sober home environment
  • Home Environment
    Home Environment
  • Christ-Centered
  • In-House Step-Study
    In-House Step-Study
  • 12-Step Meetings
Celebrate Recovery
    12-Step Meetings Celebrate Recovery
  • Transportation to and from meetings, jobs, and appointments
    Transportation to and from meetings, jobs, and appointments
  • Grace, Rescued Therapy Dog
    Grace, Rescued Therapy Dog
  • CRH Forward House - under construction
    CRH Forward House - under construction
  • Available Counseling
    Available Counseling
  • Learn Growth
    Learn Growth
CRH of Greenville
CRH of Greenville

CRH & Foundation Program

The Foundation Program allows individuals to come into the residency and for 45 days have no responsibilities or pressures, but rather focus solely on a relationship with Jesus Christ and recovery; therefore allowing them a greater success upon bridging the gap between addiction and long-term recovery.
For men coming in off the streets and detox centers, life for them is just nothing short of frightening and overwhelming.
Utilizing the Foundation Program, their days will consist of morning prayer, devotion and discussion, chores, a noon and nightly 12-step meeting or A Purpose Driven Life discussion meeting, which is done on site at CRH. Sundays will be for worship and volunteer, along with an in-house meeting that evening. After 45 days, they will progress into the normal transition living, which we recommend for 1 year - 18 months.
*Call for cost or sponsorship information
4 Woodland Ln. Greenville, SC 29615